Three Big Weeks

In three weeks, my family & I will be entering a new phase in our lives.  In three weeks, I will have achieved my main goal of 2014 which was to give my the opportunity to stay home full time with our son.  This past year I’ve found a new job which gives us about the same amount of income as if we were both still working.  I’ve also been working on our personal finances to pay down debt, and cut expenses to make sure we’re able to afford my wife leaving her job.  It was a big goal at the beginning of the year and it’s taken a lot of work to make it a reality.  But in three more weeks we’ll make it happen.  

In three more weeks, my wife leaving her job is not the only big accomplishment.  In three weeks, I will have completed my final semester in the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Science Master of Information Science.  This degree has taken me a little over two years to complete.  It’s already paid off and I think it will have a deep and lasting effect on my career path for years to come.

For the next three weeks, all I need to focus on is taking care of business.  Taking care of something everyday towards achieving my goals.  My main four goals for these final three weeks are the following:

  1. Finish IWTYTBR’s six week plan.
  2. Complete my Master of Information Science program
  3. Publish a blog post each day.d
  4. Move (&Sweat) everyday