Commitment and Consistency

Today, I’m thinking about commitment and about the techniques used to get people and yourself to do what you want.  

The two things I’ve been currently reading and listening to have been talking about goals and the importance of writing down your commitments.  In Zig Ziglar’s Goals, he talks about the importance of writing down your goals and publicly telling people about your goals. Has been proven to help you stick with them.  Then today on the T, I was reading Influence by Robert Cialdini’s chapter on commitment and consistency.  Robert talks about how, in the Korean War, the Chinese used commitment and consistency to change the POWs views on communism, China’s involvement in the Korean War, and America.  The Chinese would have the prisoners participate in essay contests, keep journals, write letters home, and copy statements because they could then use these written statements in media reports, against other prisoners, and sway foreign opinion about the Chinese cause.  When the prisoners returned to America, scientists noticed a major shift in there views of the Korean War.  Caldini says his studies have lead him to never sign a petition because of the effect it could have on his future decision making.  
It’s made me think about all the things I’ve signed over my life and how those signatures have altered my judgement.  The further I read, Influence, the more I’m fascinated by the simple tactics that can be used to alter your opinion.  I keep thinking of the ways I’ve feel victim to the ideas in this book.  If your interested in how to get people to do what you want or how to protect yourself against people trying alter your judgement, then you need to read this book.   
Day 2 of 100. #the100dayproject