Yesterday, I was listening to a Tom Peters’ audiobook called, ” The Tom Peters Seminar: Crazy Times Call for Crazy Organizations,” because Seth Godin talked about how it’s a classic and I’ve been following his advice of listening to ten minutes of an audiobook each day.  If you haven’t been listening to audiobooks you should because they’ve changed my life.  I’ll be writing a post about this in the coming week.  For now, I want to talk about something Tom said about something managers and staffers should be doing on a regular basis.  He believes everyone should be, “resuming.”  Resuming is the task of asking yourself a few questions about what you actually do and what you want to accomplish to better your resume.  I’ve never heard the term before but when he described it I felt like someone slapped me in the face because it felt so obvious.  The goal should be to sit done, ask yourself a few questions which Tom lists and think about what you do, what you’ve accomplished, and what you can work on to help improve your resume over the next year.  You should also be building a network of people, mostly customers or people you report to, to prove your existence over the past year.  I know we’ve all heard these things before.  You should build your resume, network, and make goals but I felt like he perfectly summed this up into a perfect on word statement, Resuming. Tom also talks about how it should be a goal of management or any organization to have their employees regularly update their resumes.  These companies or groups should even run a challenge to see who can improve their resume the most over the year.  Some people might think why a company or manager would do this.  Why would you want your employees to have an updated resume?  Would they be more likely to leave?  But the better way to think about this goal, is if your employees are able to improve their resumes it means they done positive work for your company and improved their skills which benefits everyone involved.  Today, I’m going to start thinking about Resuming and how I can update my own resume over the next week, month, and year.