Why data and code? 

I’ve been interested in data for the past few years because my work experience has focused on turning data into information for upper management, customers, and operations.  Since entering the work force I’ve been introduced to code and how useful it can be when looking at data. Using code, can help you turn a time consuming task into a simple click of a button.  Code also allows you to help with the collection of information which would be impossible on your own.  My main hope for this blog is to help me think about things I can achieve with combining these two interests.  How will it let me look at different situations?  How can I use it to make the work I do currently more efficient and better for the people who use it?

Right now, creating reports is what takes up a lot of my time.  I want to simplify the process by building macros to handle a lot of the repetitive work I complete on a monthly and quarterly basis. In the next week, I’ll be thinking about this goal a lot and hope to solve it by the end of next month.