Thinking about the right moment

On Sunday, I read a great Seth Godin blog post which explained my current problem.  It was a blog post titled, “The right moment,” Seth briefly described many reasons we don’t achieve our goals or as he describes, why we don’t create a ruckus.  I’ve been waiting for the right moment, for the right job, for the kid to be older, for the weather to be right, for the time, for the soreness to go away, for when I have more money, for the next house….

Why am I waiting for the right moment?  Seth says people who make a difference never wait for the right time because they know it will never arrive.  It’s similar to a quote my mother-in-law said about my decision to wait a few years to have kids. She said, “There is never the perfect moment.” I’ve been a father for eight months and now I agree with her because I would have still been waiting for, the right moment.  I need to stop waiting and choose this moment to create a ruckus.