Thoughts about graduate school

In 2011, I decided I wanted to go to graduate school.  I’m originally a Finance and Economics major and I’ve been working in Investment Management for the past three years.  Everyone else around me was going, was getting, or had gotten an MBA.  I went to a few information sessions about the local MBA programs but nothing excited me.  I’ve been doing some programming in my job and I was excited about technology, the internet, and the possibility to create something.  I decided I wanted to head down a different path then my colleagues.  I looked at the people around me with MBAs and a lot of them went to impressive schools which I would never get into but they were doing jobs I’d never want to do.  I wanted something different.  I started to look at the different technology degree programs in the area.  I found out quickly that my prior finance education limited me to an information science degree because I did not have a technical background.  I wanted to get more experience in programming and give me the opportunity to see what I enjoyed about technology.  I eventually decided to apply to an Information Science School.  After two years in the program, I’ll finally complete it over the summer semester.  There have been good and bad parts to the program.  The program has pushed me and exposed me to many different programming languages and specializations I would not have worked on if I was not enrolled in a course.  I’ve been able to take classes in security, geographic information science, database management, and information systems analysis.  In the summer I’ll be taking classes in Interactive Design and Software Engineering.  I’ve been exposed to many different languages like Java, JavaScript, HTML, C, PHP, and SQL.  It’s been an interesting process but it’s not all been great.  I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time and money.  I’ve learned a lot but I also could have done similar things on my own.  The key thing to think about in that last sentence is that I could have done similar things.  But why I have done them without being forced by a professor.  I think this program has served its purpose.  It’s forced me to get more technical, made me familiar with different programming languages and software, meet new people, and push my comfort zone.  In these final few months my graduate program, I want to write about my experiences, what I’m learning, and working on.  Here’s to a great end of the program.