About six or seven months ago, I started attending a Toastmasters meeting, during my lunch hour, because I felt the need to improve my public and impromptu speaking. Now, I’m on the fourth speech, How To Say It, and I’ve hit a wall because I quite attending my regular meeting group to join a weekly running group, at work, to help me prepare for my upcoming Half-Marathon. I need to start attending a meeting on Wednesday or Tuesday. I’m thinking about joining multiple groups because I want to give more speeches. I also need to look into if there is anywhere I can speak for free to different groups. I want to get to the point where I’m giving one speech a week. The question is where? I can think about joining two or three toastmasters groups but then I need to do all the other jobs included in a toastmasters group. I’m okay with doing those jobs for one group but I don’t want to be doing non-speaking roles for two or three times a week. I want to be involved with one Toastmasters group but give additional speeches to other groups on a weekly basis. I need to think about how I can start completing toward this goal.