In 2014, I will…

I will go to bed on time.

I will complete my assignments on time.

I will show up for work on time.

I will show up for class on time

I will wake up on time.

I will make my goals and complete them.

I will fill out my Pick Four plan each night.

I will write each morning.

I will complete what I say I’m going to do.

I will keep my word.

I will keep my promises.

I will write a toastmasters speech a week.

I will publish a blog post everyday.

I will meditate everyday.

I will exercise everyday.

I will spend quality time with my son everyday.

I will walk (weather permitting) or pet Beans everyday.

I will hug and kiss my wife everyday.

I will make decisions.

I will show confidence in my answers.

I will do what I say I’ll do.

I will complete one household task each week.

I will complete the kitchen ceiling this week.

I will write before my swimming class and running group on the weekends.

I will arrive early to my workouts on the weekends.

I will spend study on Saturday and Sunday.

I will read the entire New York Times on Sunday.

I will make sure to find time to take trips with my family.

I will make time for date nights with my wife.

I will live in the moment.

I will be present.

I will start.

I will complete.

I will ship.

I will not apologize for my work.

I will attend a Toastmasters meeting every week.

I will attend a meet up every month.

I will take one second of video of Kenny everyday.

I will master my finances.

I will kickass in my graduate program.

I will find my dream job.

I will create a side hustle.

I will give back to society.

I will contribute a verse.

I will complete Seth Godin’s Skillshare course.

I will create an Android app.

I will learn to program enough to be able to create programs that solve problems, work, and are relatively bug free.

I will complete today’s 750 words post.

I will publish a blog on my WordPress account.

I will…