Prisoners (A short movie review, I’ll try to sum it up in one sentence and possibly spoil the movie for you.)


Last night, my wife and I watched Prisoners, which I received on Netflix about a week ago, we’ve been procrastinating on watching this movie because I hate the theme and it too serious for a fun Saturday night.  I prefer comedies or action, on Saturday nights before bed, but it was rated one of the Top 5 movies of the year in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a coworker keeps telling me it’s his favorite movie of the year.  I had to give it a shot.  

The movie has a good cast with Hugh Jackman (plays the father) and Jake Gyllenhaal (plays the lead detective) as the two lead actors.  The black guy from Crash and Hustle & Flow (Terrence Howard), plays Hugh Jackman’s best friend.  The tall dorkie kid in the Girl Next Door who was best friend with the main character and wore a fencing mask in their sex education video when they needed to demonstrate how to put a condom on, I know it’s a high-brow movie, plays the antagonist (Paul Dano).  The movie is about two young girls who are kid napped on Thanksgiving day when the walk to Hugh Jackman’s daughter wants to show her friend the emergency whistle your father gave her.  They leave the house and don’t come back.  Then the typical abduntion scenarios take place.

If I could sum up the film in one sentence I would say this:

Two girls are abducted by what seems to be the obvious person, Hugh Jackman takes the law into his own hands, Jack Gyllenhaal won’t rest until the case is solved, there breakthroughs and mistakes, but once you think you know what’s going on you’ll soon find out you had no idea.

My only complaint is an obvious one, it was way to serious for a Saturday Night.  Which is what knew when I decided to watch a movie about two little girls getting abducted.  Otherwise, it was a good movie and I’m surprised it didn’t get more talk during the award season. It’s probably two of the better roles I’ve seen for Jackman and Gyllenhaal.