The Day After Super Bowl Sunday


It’s the day after Super Bowl Sunday and probably 90% of America have a Super Bowl hangover.  This hangover is not from drinking to much but from sitting through the worst Super Bowl of all time. The above picture and quote, of the Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy, pretty much sums up yesterday’s game.  Forget about all the complaints about the issues with the weather.  The weather was perfect football weather. The Denver Broncos got humiliated by the Seattle Seahawks.  It was never a game. There is at least one question you can answer after watching this game.  It’s that Peyton Manning will definitely be back next season after this loss. There is no way he retires after losing a game like that.  Anyway, it was a horrible game. The commercials were not great.  The best commercial I watched was online and banned from TV.  It involved a Doritos glory hole. There were only four commercials I really remember from the supper bowl. maybe five. The Seinfeld reunion commercial to promote Jerry Seinfeld’s online talkshow called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (which I have watched before and really enjoy), Bud Light’s Arnold playing table tennis with some random guy then having a party, the commercial is probably titled something like, “Best Night Ever,” Doritos kid riding a mastiff, Oikos greek yogurt with the cast of full house (that was surprisingly dirty), the Mazrati commercial featuring the girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild, and I guess that’s it, the halftime show was not as bad as I thought but the Red Hot Chilli Peppers only played one song (Give it away).  The best part about the show and the only reason I care to have it on is about having our family and friends over to eat, drink, and discuss. It’s almost like Christmas except people aren’t just showing up to receive gifts then leave.  People actually want to come over and talk.  You catchup, discuss the game, the commercials, the halftime show, the food, the beer, and whatever else.  I had a great time and my wife did an amazing job.  I’m probably the luckiest guy in the world.