Writing Everyday (First Post)

It’s Friday January 31, 2014, I’m sitting in my kitchen in front of my computer screen thinking about two main events that led up to this moment.  The first moment is the about four or five years ago, when my wife bought me a journal and thought it would be a good idea to write about my thoughts.  I didn’t touch the journal for a year but then I’ve been writing sporadically ever since.  The second moment happened two years ago, when I signed on to 750words.com, ever since I’ve been trying to write more consistently.  After two years of writing periodically on 750words.com, I’m going to complete my first one month challenge on.   It’s significant because, in those two years, I’ve had a hard time sticking to my goal of writing everyday.  I’d make a commitment and then write for a few days.  I previously had a long streak of 21 days which accomplished at the beginning of last year.  Then I forgot one day and went on to write a surprising little amount the rest of the year.  At that time, I was trying to write 750 words every day while also posting on my blog using the writing from my 750 words posts.  The problem I discovered, I was taking forever to write 750 words.  I was thinking far too much.  It was turning an exercise which should have taken around twenty minutes to over an hour.  It eventually took up to much of my morning.  Then I stopped.  I actually think one weekend, life got in the way and I woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the clock starring me in the face mocking me with the fact it was now 3am and reminding me of the fact I forgot to write yesterday.  After that day, I couldn’t get back in the habit.  I wrote sporadically the rest of the year.  I kept thinking how amazing it was when I’d log on after what I felt was a few days to discover I haven’t written in two or three weeks.  It was pretty sad.  The main question for this time around is how do I not fall into the same trap again? In January, I made a point to only write 750 word posts. I decided to not blog.  I wanted to concentrate on the stream of consciousness writing.  I did not want to over think or sensor myself.  I felt I did a good job with it on most days.  How can I figure out how to continue to not sensor myself but also try to come up with interesting posts or something I can actually turn into a blog post?  I think I need to continue listing blog post ideas on daily basis and try to start my morning 750 words posts with an idea about what I want to write.  Then see where the thought takes me because I don’t want to be writing about my goals and to do list like I did a number of times during January.  I also want to keep the time it takes me to complete my 750 words less than 30 minutes.  It’s an interesting and exciting time.  I feel like this commitment will help to strengthen my other commitments and complete them.  I hope it will allow me to think about my future and solve the major issues in my life in the coming months. Here’s to February.  I’m excited about the possibility of completing another 750words.com monthly challenge, my first month of blogging everyday on WordPress, and then a day at The Climbing Wall.

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